Monday, October 21, 2013


This is a record of text content from messages I receive on my OKCupid account - the account is based on what I would normally write in an account, except my gender is set to female and the image is a stock image that matched my best guess at a female version of me (in some alternate universe.)

I never respond to the messages, and I never include any of the information about the sender.

The title is called a dataplay because it's not really an experiment, because I have no hypothesis, method, etc. and it's not just a series of random observations, because I have limited many of the parameters of the data I'm receiving, and it's definitely play, because the data will probably be skewed, subjective, and lacking in any qualitative or quantitative merit.

The blog started after my girlfriend had complained (rightfully so) about all the weird unwanted attention she has to deal with from dudes everyday. By unwanted, I mean sexually aggressive or insulting in nature, not just hellos or things meant to start casual conversation between two people. I understood and empathized, but could never really know what she meant. I decided to find out for myself - although it is an imperfect model for the reality of being a girl, I think it will at least give me a glimpse.

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