Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hi there, 
I found your profile (and your photo!) very appealing. I was wondering whether you'd like to talk sometime. 
Have a great night, 
I'm curious to know about you like what you do in free time, what is your favorite vacation place and other things that excites you. 

Lets chat through this site and see how it goes.
hi there, how is your night going ? 
btw happy halloween.
ambiguous ethnicty
I like you. You seem pretty fun. 

And awfully cute. 

How does being on the laptop while in the shower work? Isn't there a risk of water splashing off your body onto the laptop? Good taste in sunglasses, they look good on you.
I love Good Eats! I was just talking about that show with friends the other day. I love how they combine the science with the deliciousness. Sometimes I youtube it. Didn't know it was on Netflix.
hey hows it going? Saw your profile and wanted to say hello and see if you felt like chatting at all. If you want to feel free to message me back!
well hello there! Im a good person!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey. You seem as spontaneous and nerdy as I am. Whenever I go on the internet I find myself with endless tabs of random stimulating nonsense. If you do that too I think you'll be very easy to talk to :D
Helloo goofy goo, how are you? (did that rhyme? :)) 
Just bumped into your profile through Quickmatch. You sound like an interesting person, loved your style of writing, very simple and funny. Kudos! 
I moved here recently, and am looking for platonic friends! Can you use a new friend buddy? 
Glance through my profile may be, and if anything makes you laugh, drop me a Hello or some hint! :)
interested in 9 inches??
Hey , how are you ? I like you very much and love to take you out for a date sometime !!
Heyy sexyy! How are you doing? What kinds of video games do you like to play?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I do the same as you when browsing Wikipedia, except I'm not in the shower.
Where is your homeland (again)
Hey there, what's going on? How are you doing this evening? =)
Where is your homeland
Finished college (like 3 years ago too) and "looking into grad school" as well. But we know what that really means. It means we're still looking for that thing that can get us out of bed, every day, and give us some sense of fulfillment. 

I graduated with a degree in biology, didn't really want to do 4 more years of school. Been doin my own sort of science thing, if you ever want to meet up and talk shit or talk shop, lemme know.
I am married, is that a problem for you? ----
Hello, I was told there would be free burritos here?
Hello how are you? I'm ------- lets talk sometime if you're not busy you seem like a very nice person other then the fact that you look beautiful.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey, your profile was interesting. You know how to code well?
So my friends tell me I go too fast, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Will you marry me? 
Oops... I meant to just say "hi"
hey , how about a coffee with me ?
I have my degree on the bass, let's jam!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hi, how are you? I really liked your profile….especially that you seem super active. Me too! Anyways, I'd definitely love an opportunity to get to know you better. How was your weekend….anything fun? How's your week been so far? 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You should check out a story called, Ted the Caver. It's pretty neat, kinda spooky though. What games you play?
Hey you sound awesome! I must advise you to not shower with your laptop though. What have you been tinkering with lately?
What's your ideal meal?
Video games, bass/guitar, making music; We should be friends!

Monday, October 21, 2013


My name is -----, and I think: Netflix, proper grammar, a nice beer, acting dorky/nerdy, and the internet are great things. How's OKC treating you? 

Do you like lame jokes? 

Why can't witches get pregnant? 
Upright or electric?
Hey what's up? I'm pretty new to the site and ran across your profile, figured if say hi. I know you can see any pics of me, I didn't feel comfortable posting them out in the open on the site. I can definitely share pics with you though. If you're interested, hit me back and we can talk some more. 
good eats rocks!
hello there, good afternoon. how are you today? interested in close friendship?
Well the first thing I need to say is that you're absolutely gorgeous! For starters my name is ------ and I'm drummer in an indie rock band and MUSIC is my passion. I'm also a HUGE art admirer and my Instagram is full of street art pics that I take all around the city. I also love checking out new restaurants and exploring the city. So with that said would you be down for hanging out some time?
indian ?
Hey, how are you tonight? my name is ------ by the way. I should probably spice that up with a pick up line right? Charmander is red Squirtles blue if you were a pokemon i'd choose you.
You are so very sexy. I'd love to go out with you. Coffee dinner a marriage wotever you have time for. 
Hi, I came across your profile and thought you were very beautiful, needless to say I had to write. If you'd like to talk sometime, I'd love to hear from you. 
Hey, I'm ------. What's your name? 

BTW, every ep of Good Eats is on Alton Brown's YouTube channel. It's a favorite of mine. Food and science!


This is a record of text content from messages I receive on my OKCupid account - the account is based on what I would normally write in an account, except my gender is set to female and the image is a stock image that matched my best guess at a female version of me (in some alternate universe.)

I never respond to the messages, and I never include any of the information about the sender.

The title is called a dataplay because it's not really an experiment, because I have no hypothesis, method, etc. and it's not just a series of random observations, because I have limited many of the parameters of the data I'm receiving, and it's definitely play, because the data will probably be skewed, subjective, and lacking in any qualitative or quantitative merit.

The blog started after my girlfriend had complained (rightfully so) about all the weird unwanted attention she has to deal with from dudes everyday. By unwanted, I mean sexually aggressive or insulting in nature, not just hellos or things meant to start casual conversation between two people. I understood and empathized, but could never really know what she meant. I decided to find out for myself - although it is an imperfect model for the reality of being a girl, I think it will at least give me a glimpse.